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EverGrow Behavior Solutions provides specialized one-to-one home-based services for clients who reside in Rhode Island. These services occur in the client’s home, and are implemented using Applied Behavior Analysis. The treatment procedure is determined based on the client’s unique needs. EverGrow Behavior Solutions currently only accepts Tricare insurance.


EverGrow Behavior Solutions provides consultations to public and private school districts in Rhode Island. EverGrow Behavior Solutions can provide staff training, training on the principles of behavior, Behavior Intervention Plans, Functional Behavioral Assessments, classroom strategies, behavioral support strategies, and student specific or classroom specific behavior suggestions.


EverGrow Behavior Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions to benefit children and school districts seeking Applied Behavior Analysis services. If you are unsure of which services are most appropriate for the needs of your child or school district, please contact us to schedule a consultation for an individualized service plan.

Available Services Include:

  Individualized Treatment/Programming Development

              Behavior Reduction

              Language Acquisition

              Daily Living Skills

              Self Help Skills

  Home-based Services

  School Consultation


  Individualized Treatment/Programming Implementation

  1:1 Direct Care of Implementation

  Parent Training

  Sibling Interaction and Training

  Teacher Training

  IEP Development and Support

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